Fishing Contest

Winners for 2010

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The biggest tuna 201 lbs. as seen above in a group shot following a North Carolina off shore trip. Left to right we have, Tom Rosati, John Paolise, Paul Rothe, Tom Ginty, (with his big tuna) Joel Birnbaum, Tom Bray and Sol Alter. For more info on this trip click here.

Bob Brummer, seen left, with his 55.65 lb. bass, and then we have Keith, Bob and Brett Brummer  and Keith with his big stripper.

Below left, Bob Thomas won the annual  Bill Wood Memorial Fishing Contest with a 8. 43 lb. fluke. The second place fish weighted in at 6.42 pounds was also caught on Bob’s boat by crew member Joe Stankovitz.

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American Ell, Michael Kirsh  5.2 lbs.

Big Eye Tuna, Tom Ginty  201 lbs.

Black Drum, Sheldon Booker  80 lbs.

Blue Claw Crab, Keith Meyers  6.75”

Bluefin Tuna, Bob Thomas 71.16 lbs

Bluefish,  Bob Brummer  15 lbs.

Bonito,  Frank Kirsh   5.1 lbs.

Dolphin, Bob Thomas  12.31 lbs.

Fluke, Bob Thomas  9.12 lbs.

Ling,  Bob Thomas 4.07 lbs.

Sea Bass 4.06 lbs. Bob Thomas

Striped Bass 55.65 lbs.  Bob Brummer  

Final Results 2011

Bill Wood Memorial Fluke Contest Winners, Thomas Olski, left, with 5.68 lb. Fluke and his crew, Brenda and Tom Jr.


Blue Crab






Sea Bass

Striped Bass

Winter Flounder

Bob Thomas

Sheldon Booker

Keith Meyers

Bob Thomas

Mike Field

Bob Thomas

Bob Thomas

Victor Procopio

Victor  Procopio

Bob Thomas

7.48/ lbs.

7 3/8 inches

13.4 lbs.

15.3 lbs.

7. 5 lbs

9.40 lbs

25.9 lbs.

3.67 lbs.

36.47 lbs.

3.93 lbs.

2012 Fishing Contest Results

Angler:                                            Lbs.     

Bob Thomas:  Blackfish                   9.40

                       Blueclaw crab.          7 3/8"

                       Codfish.                 12.02

                       Triggerfish                3.83

                       Fluke.                      7.89

                       Pollack.                  30.24

                       Sea bass.                   5.32

                       Striped bass.            37.30

                       Bigeye tuna.           201

Tom Bray;         Bluefish.                  14.20

Paul Rothe.       Weakfish                   3.59

Darrin Low.        White Marlin.            60

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2013 Results to be posted soon